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About the Brand

Heron Preston is a New York-based fashion label that embodies innovation, sustainability, and youth culture. Founded in 2016, Heron Preston has quickly made a name for itself by collaborating with major brands like Nike and NASA, while also establishing its own minimalist streetwear aesthetic.

The brand’s founder, Heron Preston, draws inspiration from his experiences working with renowned artists like Virgil Abloh and Kanye West. Preston applies his background in art, graphic design, and technology to create forward-thinking apparel, accessories, and footwear.

Standout Features of Heron Preston

Innovative Collaborations

One of the hallmarks of Heron Preston is the unexpected collaborations with other brands and organizations. Preston has partnered with NASA, New York City’s Department of Sanitation, and Carhartt Work in Progress, applying his eye for design to items like NASA work uniforms and upcycled orange sanitation jackets.

These purpose-driven collaborations spotlight shared values, while also keeping the label fresh and intriguing to customers. Heron Preston transforms mundane or dated pieces into covetable streetwear items full of subtle style and statement-making flair.

Sustainability Initiatives

True to his minimalist principles, Preston emphasizes sustainability across the brand’s manufacturing and design. Heron Preston incorporates recycled fabrics, upcycled materials, and organic cotton to reduce environmental impact.

The brand also spotlights sustainability through thought-provoking collections like “Plastic” which utilized recycled plastic debris to create jackets, shirts, and accessories. As consumers become more eco-conscious, Heron Preston’s commitment to sustainability provides appeal.

Modern, Youthful Edge

While Heron Preston draws on workwear and utilitarian influences, the label transforms these basics with a modern, youthful edge. Collections feature oversized proportions, cropped cuts, bold prints, and quirky graphics that resonate with younger demographics.

Preston often incorporates touches like harness straps, bungee cords, and parachute straps to add urban edge. The brand also utilizes emerging technologies like 3D printing in accessories and jewelry for pieces that feel futuristic. Heron Preston maintains momentum and hype by celebrating the energy and culture of today’s youth.

What makes us different?

Our love of fashion has always been our motivation. This passion inspired us to develop a collection of clothes that is very versatile and enhances essentially anything.

Let’s look at the different categories that our shops offer:

Heron Preston Hoodie

Step up your streetwear game with the latest Heron Preston hoodies. These hoodies boast bold graphics and text that turn heads. One standout is the oversized logo hoodie featuring a large “STYLE” graphic across the chest—an ironic nod to the brand’s nonconformist ethos. For cooler weather, go for the fleece-lined hoodie with a kangaroo pocket to keep your hands warm. Heron Preston uses premium fabrics like soft cotton and polyester to ensure maximum comfort. With multiple colorways to choose from, you’re sure to find a hoodie that fits your personal style. Heron Preston hoodies make the perfect addition to any hypebeast’s wardrobe.

Heron Preston Shorts

Step into summer in style with the latest drop from Heron Preston. These lightweight cotton shorts are perfect for staying cool on hot days. Showcasing the iconic Heron Preston Shorts logo on the leg, these shorts make a bold fashion statement. Available in a range of colors from classic black to vibrant neon hues, you’re sure to find a pair that matches your personal style. Constructed from durable fabrics, Heron Preston shorts are built to last all season long. Elevate your warm weather wardrobe and stand out from the crowd with these eye-catching printed shorts from streetwear label Heron Preston. Shop the new collection today!

Heron Preston Shirts

Express your style with bold graphic tees from Heron Preston. This leading streetwear designer brings his signature aesthetic to casual t-shirts. Flaunt famous logos remixed with Preston’s touch, like the distinctive NASA logo shirt. Or make a statement with pop culture motifs like the internet meme shirt. Made in soft cotton or cotton blends, Heron Preston shirts feature cool boxy fits. Stand out from the crowd and show your fashion-forward taste in these graphic tees with a high-end urban vibe. Add some edge to your look with Heron Preston’s iconic t-shirt designs, available now in our streetwear selection.

Heron Preston Jackets

Step up your streetwear game with the latest jacket styles from Heron Preston. Known for his bold graphics and unexpected fabric combinations, Heron Preston blends high fashion with a streetwise edge. The Nasa bomber jacket features a photorealistic NASA logo print on the back for an eye-catching look. The workwear jacket has handy utility pockets and a cozy fleece lining for warmth. Made from upcycled materials, the patchwork denim trucker injects new life into classic denim. Layer up against the elements in the GORE-TEX rain jacket with an attached hood and waterproof zippers. Shop the full selection of Heron Preston outerwear to find the jacket that complements your personal style.

The Heron Preston Shopping Experience

Where to Buy

Heron Preston is available at luxury retailers like Ssense, Farfetch, and Net-a-Porter. The brand’s online store at offers the complete product range with new releases and exclusives.

Heron Preston also operates a flagship store in New York City’s Soho neighborhood. The minimalist boutique carries all the latest collections in apparel, footwear, and accessories.

Costs and Value

As a premium designer label, Heron Preston sits at the higher end of fashion pricing. T-shirts typically run $150-$200, while outerwear ranges from $400 for a jacket to over $1000 for a statement parka. Jeans average $400, with footwear between $300-$600.

However, customers gain excellent value for the quality and innovation behind Heron Preston products. Many materials are sustainably sourced, locally manufactured, and built to last. The brand’s unique aesthetic and forward-thinking designs also cultivate long-lasting style.

Sizing and Fit

Heron Preston incorporates oversized, relaxed fits with room to layer. Tops, jackets, and bottoms are sized numerically from XS to XL. Customers recommend ordering true to size. Models on the website provide sizing estimates and showcase how pieces fit on diverse body types.

For a personalized recommendation, customers can access one-on-one virtual styling sessions on the Heron Preston site. The brand also allows exchanges and returns within 14 days of purchase.

Why Customers Love the Brand Online

Heron Preston has cultivated a dedicated fanbase thanks to his boundary-pushing designs and collaborations. Customers flock to his online store at for the chance to own unique statement pieces. Preston transforms mundane items into coveted fashion by repurposing everyday materials with his distinctive graphic style. Fans admire how he merges streetwear and high fashion with a rebellious DIY attitude. His innovative output and limited-edition capsules keep customers coming back. They love discovering Heron Preston’s latest provocative reinventions of classic items online.

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